Ribbon lampshades - handmade in cornwall


Michèle Bayford is the founder and sole trader of Bay Design ribbon lamp shades which she set up 13 years ago.   She brings to her business an excellent eye  for detail and colour co-ordination, which skills she acquired during twenty-five years as the visual merchandiser for a large Anglo-French company based in Hertfordshire.   Having worked her way up through the ranks she left as VM manager.

Michèle’s ability to combine the rustic with the contemporary may in fact have something to do with her French heritage in that she is able to seamlessly bring together the soft voiles and intricate trimmings for which the French are so renowned and the sharp, clean and contemporary lines so sought after on this side of the channel.   The mix is magic and allow her bespoke ribbon lamp shades to work perfectly within a range of settings, whether it is a farm house, cottage, stately home, country house or city apartment.

Always developing new themes, finishes and colour combinations, Michèle is dedicated and enthusiastic about design and can offer innovative advice and colour guidance to suit any setting.  Much of her business is repeat and recommendation and her client base includes some major corporate enterprises as well as known individuals in the creative world.

It needs to be mentioned that aside from the trimmings, Michèle’s ribbon  lamp shades and lamp bases are British made.  The lamp bases are manufactured in the midlands and painted to her customised colour specifications.  Labelling and finishing touches are likewise British.

Michèle, her husband Mark and their menagerie of horses, sheep, chickens and Betty & Albert their  two jack russell’s  are all now based in the West Country.

She will continue to exhibit at various fairs in London and the counties.